Upcoming 99’s Meeting

We are not holding a meeting this week, due to how massive of a production GIAD was, however, we’d love to see you at the upcoming 99’s meeting!
Tues. October 8th, 2019, @ 6:00PM at Wings of Freedom
2400 E. 5th Ave – across from Reeves Blvd. & Wendy’s
“Geoff Oliver wanted to become a pilot when he interviewed Patty Wagstaff at an Aerobatics Competition in 1991 when he was a TV reporter right out of college. In 2013 he passed his private and bought into a share of a Cessna 172 and passed my Instrument check ride in June of 2019. He bought a Maule M5, and has been trying to get epic flight video along the way. He’s been able to fly his Dad over the Grand Canyon, fly the Hudson River past Manhattan, circle Kauai, down the Columbia River Gorge, and took his best college friend flying for his 50th birthday in Missouri.”
Geoff Oliver will show videos he produced and how to prepares cameras for flights, and his initial apprehension flying into new locations/fly-ins.

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