Looking for a few good women- Keep our chapter going! Elections September 4

Our Last Frontier Chapter needs volunteers to step up and help run the day to day business of the chapter. The current leadership has been in office since chapter inception and is required to step down for a break via our bylaws.  Three board positions are open and must be filled for the chapter to continue.

If positions are not filled, the chapter will close its doors.  However, no one will be strong armed into service.

Try it, you’ll like it!  Workload isn’t high if it’s shared, and working towards a common goal strengthens relationships and is something to be proud of.




Floatplane Discovery Flights at Lake Hood Seaplane Base

Members of the local chapters of EAA, Women in Aviation, and the Alaska Airmen’s Association partnered together to provide Young Eagles discovery flights to youth on July 28.   Thank you EAA Chapter 42 for guidance at the event, and to the Alaska Airmen’s Association for donating the use of their building and dock for the event. Kids who completed an essay on “Why I am interested in a floatplane ride” were invited to attend.

Photos below:

Kids show their flight certificates received after their free flights.

The Cessna 185 on floats comes back to the dock after a flight, to waiting parents.

Carol, the pilot for the flights, gives kids a preflight briefing.

Flight tracker recording of a flight.


WAI Last Frontier, EAA Young Eagles, Local Volunteers Join Forces for Discovery Flights


July 28 Local volunteers will be introducing young people grades 7-12 to the joy of flight through the EAA Young Eagles program.  WAI and a King Career Center volunteers will assist with ground activities and mentoring.   Pilots from many community organizations have undergone the EAA background check and child safety protection programs to serve, as do all volunteers who interact with kids.  The armada of float planes will fly from Lake Hood, the busiest seaplane base in the world.

Up Coming Events:

EAA Young Eagles Free Floatplane Discovery Rides 

EAA/  WAI Last Frontier / Lake Hood Pilots  Association joint project 


Local youth are encouraged to enter our essay contest to win a free discovery flight with the guidance of EAA Young Eagles Program,  which has given over 2 million discovery flights over the last 25 years, and now includes ongoing opportunities for kids who want to go further – free online groundschool to name just one.  A very special addition to this event is the ability to make mentoring connections for the youth involved, with local aviation professionals or enthusiasts to guide them.

July 28, 2018

Location TBD on Lake Hood

Questions? Call Carol (907) 350-6607

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